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This is a beautiful book which will draw you into the scriptures with a newfound sense of wonder and imagination.

– Bob Goff, Author New York Times Best Sellers Love Does and Everybody Always

Richard Foster’s Celebration of Disciplines shaped the way I read scripture, but this book has RESHAPED how I read the scriptures.

– JJ Tuttle, Lead pastor at Connected Naz

If there’s a gap between your soul and the Bible or if reading the Bible doesn’t move you anymore, Kurt is here to help.

– Justin McRoberts, Author, Songwriter, Pastor, Host of the @ Sea Podcast.

In this imminently practical & applicable book, Kurt gently prods, encourages, challenges, & invites the reader to resist the mindsets that come with the “cloud of familiarity,” to approach the Scriptures with mindfulness, wonder, & expectation.

– Louie Locke, Lead pastor at Hillside Foursquare Church

If you are looking for a concise, easy to follow guide about how to know Jesus better through Scripture, Kurt has written a wonderful companion for that effort.

– Scott Sauls, senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church & author of several books, including Jesus Outside the Lines & Irresistible Faith

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