Drifters Too

May 8, 2019

Jesus knocks
On churches

Close the doors
On hurting

Jesus still
Runs after


Hard words for
Hard people
Soft words for
Real ones
Real words for
Soft people

Jesus had a knack for finding all of ‘em
Hard knocks, soft hearts
Hard hearts, soft knocks

Every door is a maybe

Maybe there is love
And hope
And grace
And ears that will hear me

Maybe there is faith
But I’m afraid
We’re not the
Praying type

We are sure of what we dread
How many of us said

That we were in
Only to discover
That we were out

I didn’t leave to find something else
I left because I found something out

Can drifters be Christians?
Homeless or houseless
Can following Jesus
Look more like
Than falling for
Promises of community
In fellowship halls
That house more friend funerals
Than smiles for sinners?

There’s death in that room
There’s resurrection too

Jesus smiles
Walking with drifters
Raising the cup
Poured out for the life of the world

Delivering community
In a body of ragtag
No longer suckered into paying for it
By living up to expectations
Of an adulterous generation
Who bought their way into power
Wondering why the kingdom
Wasn’t delivered on those power lines

There’s a brokenness
A heavy sadness
An infinite reality
That hell isn’t for those sinners
Heaven was made for us sinners

Hell is an empty Sunday
Someone leaning over into your secrets
And hushing them
Hell is unspoken prayer requests

Hell wasn’t made for sinners
Hell is the emptiness
Achieved by the religious elite
Heaven was made for sinners

We are never free
From the ability
To justify to ourselves
Why we’re better than others
We can always choose hell

Heaven was made for us
Even for the drifters
Especially for the drifters

Church isn’t free from
The ability to drift back
Church means called out
Church isn’t church
Church needs to get called out

Jesus knocks
On churches

Close the doors
On hurting

Jesus still
Runs after

Jesus walks
With drifters